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So. Destiny.

As an XBOX ONE user, I have only had 1 day to play so far. Played as a Titan and Warlock so far, and honestly, I am a little disappointed.

The game itself is a Halo/Borderlands/Mass Effect combo which seems pretty cool at this point. Haven't had much story yet since it IS just the Beta/Demo, but enough that I am interested to know more.

What disappointed me is, so far the Classes are not very different from each other, other than variations on powers. Which COULD just be the fact that everything is so low level, and I have not played as a Hunter yet... But I found the Titan and Warlock far too similar.

Sure the Titan is supposed to have more armor, but with constant upgrading it is hard to gauge. Did not notice a speed difference either.

They both have a grenade. Sure they work differently, but that is like the frag and plasma grenade from Halo. Similar but different.

They both have a special melee attack that is basically a powered up version of the normal.

They both have a "Secondary Jump Ability". The Titans is oh so much more useful as it is simply a rocket jump pack of sorts. The Warlocks "Glide" is hard to master, but can let you glide is almost any direction. So with a bit of practice, can rival the Titans "Jet Pack" in some aspects.

Their special attacks are "area of effect" explosions. Sure, the Warlock throws his, and the Titan is more close range, but overall pretty close.

And of course that fact that any class can use ANY weapon without ANY side effects. There are no class specific weapons. This slightly bugs me in a way. I know I will abuse the shit out of it, but I always like that classes have different specialties. Sure, it does let you "customize" your play style more, but since there is very little variation in character classes (so far) it just means you have to be a bit more careful if you choose a Hunter or Warlock since their armor is less.

Now don't get me wrong. This means I can use a high rate of fire machine gun on a Hunter or Warlock, which suits me better... But that is also "Too Easy".

Overall, the Beta/Demo has done a good job of making me want to know more about the universe and plot. The game play, while still pretty good, isn't anything special. It looks like Halo, plays like a Halo/Mass Effect hybrid, and has loot like Borderlands. With armor that changes your appearance.

Again, my only complaint may be softened or removed when the full game is out, and we can level up even more.


As for me... Wow, am I ever lazy with this journal.

Working on some Captain Earth mecha chibi's... But keep on getting interrupted.

Will see if I can get something done next week.


Matt Bellamy
Current Residence: Calgary Alberta
Favourite genre of music: Anime/J-Pop
Operating System: Win XP
MP3 player of choice: MusicMatch Jukebox
Favourite cartoon character: Max, from Sam and Max: Freelance Police
Personal Quote: " Do, or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Commission/Request/Usage Info

- Commissions are closed

- Requests are closed

- Chibi Halo Customs are closed

A note for people who want to use my works or request anything...

Any of my works are not to be used without my permission, and I don't give that out very often. The very fact I have watermarks on them now means that the images are at least somewhat protected as they are now stamped with my DA page's address... But that still doesn't mean they are free to use for anything.

I will not be doing any commissions anytime soon... I have a hard enough time drawing for myself right now... And that pretty much rules out requests too.

As well, I will NOT be doing any more Halo Chibi customs. I'm pretty much done with Halo Reach, and am moving on to other things. I've had a lot of people ( even in other languages) try and ask for permission to use the images, or ask for the full sized, non watermarked images. Once again, I will NOT provide the full images, nor the use of said images for any purpose. Especially the ones I've done for other people.

Once again, I know it sounds like I am being a total jerk about it... But I am far too jaded in these regards. Ask yourself if you had someone trying to take credit for your work and/or trying to make money off your work, and you might understand why I am this way.


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