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I'm definitely not in the vocal majority, but if I had to review it, I'd put it at a 5-6/10.

Spoilers ahead!

I liked the Turtles. Sure, they were all pretty much just super stereotypical tropes of characters... But that was always kind of the way they were anyway. And I know I am in the minority when I say I actually liked the new designs of the Turtles and Splinter. They kind of kept the movie alive for me.

Though Splinter just finding a book on Ninjitsu bothered me as a cheap way to make them ninja's. Though seeing the Turtles as kids was pretty cute.

The action? Pretty good I suppose. Could have been better if they had better enemies to fight ( more on that later)

Side kicks? Ugh. Megan Fox did nothing to convince me that she is just supposed to be eye candy... Which they didn't even use in the movie. Will Arnett was just kinda blah. And the Turtles being April's "pets"? Wow. Worst. Idea. Ever. Maybe even worse than Aliens.


Enemies - SORELY lacking. Yeah, updating the Foot clan to paramilitary terrorists is ok for the most part. More believable than an army of ninjas... But used guns far too much. Eric Sacks was your average "Evil Corporate Leader". I mean seriously, all he wanted was money? He owns a large corporation with 3 divisions ( Construction, Bio-engineering, and Robotics) for crying out loud. I think he has enough money by this point. That's just so lame in a movie about large MUTATED NINJA TURTLES (who happen to be teenagers) and he is technically the primary villain.

Shredder was stupid. Easily the most tacked on aspect of the movie. You can tell they reacted to the feedback when they announced the actor for Sacks as Shredder. If he had made a cameo/foreshadowing appearance at the end of the movie, it would have been a MUCH better idea. Don't get me wrong... I liked the powered armor idea. With 7-8 feet tall muscular turtles, you'd need something a bit more than just being a ninja master... But the execution of the character was just so poorly done.

I didn't hate the movie, and actually had a bit of fun with it... But its lame enemies, poor plot, and poor casting choices really drag it down.

You'd think when Marvel/Disney can make a great movie out of something like Guardians of the Galaxy, or Thor... You'd think they could reboot something that has a ton of source material to draw from.

But then, Michael Bay DID produce it....


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I will not be doing any commissions anytime soon... I have a hard enough time drawing for myself right now... And that pretty much rules out requests too.

As well, I will NOT be doing any more Halo Chibi customs. I'm pretty much done with Halo Reach, and am moving on to other things. I've had a lot of people ( even in other languages) try and ask for permission to use the images, or ask for the full sized, non watermarked images. Once again, I will NOT provide the full images, nor the use of said images for any purpose. Especially the ones I've done for other people.

Once again, I know it sounds like I am being a total jerk about it... But I am far too jaded in these regards. Ask yourself if you had someone trying to take credit for your work and/or trying to make money off your work, and you might understand why I am this way.


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