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Sep 2, 2015
7:19 pm
Sep 2, 2015
8:51 am
Sep 2, 2015
5:31 am
Sep 1, 2015
12:58 am
Aug 29, 2015
2:32 pm
Sooo... Some gaming news happened... or something? So I guess here's a list of things I noted.
Things I am hyped for:

Fallout 4 - Many hours will be put into this. MANY.
Halo 5 - They've done so much now that I just want it. Good or bad.
Dark Souls 3 - I loves me some souls. It DOES kind of feel a little over saturated at this point... But there are some rumored changes that sound like it might change it up a bit.
Star Wars Battlefront - Finally. Fucking finally.
Arkham Knight - Sooo soon...
Uncharted 4 - As much as I know how "samey" it will be... I play this series for the story and all the quips. This is one series I find they could probably just keep throwing Drake into new scenarios using the same old gameplay, and it would still be charming and funny as hell.
Destiny - More Destiny. I honestly don't have any complaints by this point. I know what it is, and I know what I am getting. And I am fine with it.
XCOM 2 - Loved Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within. I have a feeling I will adore this one as well.
Deus EX - See note about XCOM 2. Switch in Deus Ex. Gonna love it.

Things I am "Meh" about:

Xbox one Elite Controller - Looks awesome. Price point is FAR too high for it.
Gears of War Anything - I never even finished the last one. When they announce more about 4, it better be impressive.
Mass Effect Andromeda - Need more input. Espeically considering it's slated for "Holiday 2016".
For Honor - Trailer looked cool... And it says it has a solo campaign... But will see. If it's mostly pvp multiplayer, no go.
Assassin's Creed Syndicate - I'm done. Really. Unity made it painfully aware that Ubisoft has lost their way with the series... And I never bothered with Rogue.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - That does it. Squenix is out of ideas.
No Mans Sky - I like the concept, but so far we've not seen anything really exciting related to any kind of plot. No plot alos equal no buy.

As for everything else? I couldn't care less. Either they weren't my type of game, or just not impressive enough to warrant interest from me.
Still, lots of good stuff coming.

Can't wait.


Matt Bellamy
Current Residence: Calgary Alberta
Favourite genre of music: Anime/J-Pop
Operating System: Win XP
MP3 player of choice: MusicMatch Jukebox
Favourite cartoon character: Max, from Sam and Max: Freelance Police
Personal Quote: " Do, or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Commission/Request/Usage Info

- Commissions are closed

- Requests are closed

- Chibi Halo Customs are closed

A note for people who want to use my works or request anything...

Any of my works are not to be used without my permission, and I don't give that out very often. The very fact I have watermarks on them now means that the images are at least somewhat protected as they are now stamped with my DA page's address... But that still doesn't mean they are free to use for anything.

I will not be doing any commissions anytime soon... I have a hard enough time drawing for myself right now... And that pretty much rules out requests too.

As well, I will NOT be doing any more Halo Chibi customs. I'm pretty much done with Halo Reach, and am moving on to other things. I've had a lot of people ( even in other languages) try and ask for permission to use the images, or ask for the full sized, non watermarked images. Once again, I will NOT provide the full images, nor the use of said images for any purpose. Especially the ones I've done for other people.

Once again, I know it sounds like I am being a total jerk about it... But I am far too jaded in these regards. Ask yourself if you had someone trying to take credit for your work and/or trying to make money off your work, and you might understand why I am this way.


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