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Apr 22, 2015
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Apr 22, 2015
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Man... Time seems to fly faster and faster as you get older.

I mean, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is now less than a month away... When not that long ago we were still clamoring for pics or news.

Let's see... Been mostly gaming recently, which took a whole lot of my time. Bought myself a PS4... Basically just for Bloodborne... But there are some other possible exclusives down the road that I may want.

Destiny - Currently on hold, unless Xur has something I want on the weekends. Still awaiting the next expansion, which I will plow into as soon as it is released.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Kinda stopped playing this now... I got to the point of fighting the High Rank Ancient Dragons... But the thought of farming even harder bosses started to wane pretty quickly on me. So I have not gotten to G Rank yet. Maybe once the bigger releases are done, I will jump back into it. I definitely do not see myself done with it.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse - I liked this game much more than I thought I would. I figured it was just another DBZ fighting game, but after watching a few reviews, I saw that it was actually a lot more like an older PS1 DBZ I imported long ago... More action oriented, rather than a Fighting game. This was a game that I felt captured the spirit of DBZ's fighting action, a lot better than some previous fighters have done. Was the fighting system simple? Oh yes, but it also allowed for a lot of flexibility.

The character creation was a lot better than previously tried... But I still found it slightly lacking in the amounts of clothing options... As well as the fact that clothing changed your stats... I would have preferred that your leveling up handled that, while customizing your looks didn't hinder you if you wanted a certain item to be equipped. But as a first outing, it was very good, and if it does get a sequel, I hope they can improve on some of the minor issues the game has.

Bloodborne - Blood Souls? Dark Borne? I am sure everyone who cares has already made the jokes. I still constantly refer to things in Bloodborne by their Souls' names. But what can I say? I love it. It's more "Souls" and I can't get enough of these games. Bloodborne did force me to step outside my comfort zone play style from Dark Souls/2. I played either a Shielded Knight, or Long Range Sorcerer... Forcing me to play as a Hit and run tactics character did throw me for a bit... But once I got used to it, it is clearly easy mode. I found the same strategies worked on the majority of the bosses. Attack-Roll to a side-Attack-Roll-Attack-Roll. This sadly worked for too many bosses. Not all, and I only defeated maybe... 2? bosses on the first try. So it wasn't ALL easy. ( though Gherman and the Moon Presence are mean bastards)

Dragon Age DLC - Gotta run through this too... Bloodborne took a much higher priority though.

Dark Souls 2: Again - Looking forward to diving into DS2 again... I only tackled the first DLC previously, so there is still a lot new for me, as well as the new content added to the main game as well. I got 100% completion on DS2 for the 360, and that was only by getting to NG++ and buying the few remaining spells from from the ghost in Drangleic Castle. A friend and I both did the majority of NG+ and NG++ together, so we went through it pretty fast... But it was only after that, that we decided to tackle the DLC... And found ourselves getting whupped pretty easily. We did complete the normal section, but never got around to the actual Co-Op section.

And that will take me up to June, for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Really haven't had the need to draw at all... Kind of sad... Maybe I'll at least try and do a new pic for the 3 new Iron Man armors from Age of Ultron...


Matt Bellamy
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Commission/Request/Usage Info

- Commissions are closed

- Requests are closed

- Chibi Halo Customs are closed

A note for people who want to use my works or request anything...

Any of my works are not to be used without my permission, and I don't give that out very often. The very fact I have watermarks on them now means that the images are at least somewhat protected as they are now stamped with my DA page's address... But that still doesn't mean they are free to use for anything.

I will not be doing any commissions anytime soon... I have a hard enough time drawing for myself right now... And that pretty much rules out requests too.

As well, I will NOT be doing any more Halo Chibi customs. I'm pretty much done with Halo Reach, and am moving on to other things. I've had a lot of people ( even in other languages) try and ask for permission to use the images, or ask for the full sized, non watermarked images. Once again, I will NOT provide the full images, nor the use of said images for any purpose. Especially the ones I've done for other people.

Once again, I know it sounds like I am being a total jerk about it... But I am far too jaded in these regards. Ask yourself if you had someone trying to take credit for your work and/or trying to make money off your work, and you might understand why I am this way.


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